The Third Season of “The Affair” Was Weird, But Extremely Enlightening

Described as a study of the emotional and psychological effects of an affair, the show fully lived up to that description this season, and then some.

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Part One: Alison

“I convinced myself that I loved you, because I so desperately needed someone to just take me away. I used you and you used me, too. That’s what happened between us. I know it’s true and you do too.”

Part Two: Noah

“I did love you. Yeah I fucked up and maybe it was a mistake from the start, but it was love. So don’t take it all away from me by saying it wasn’t real. You may not want to remember me, but I wanna remember you.”

Bonus: Helen and Cole

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I strive towards a career that ends up leaving me somewhere between Howard Beck and Howard Beale.

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