“Friends”: The Real MVP of Each of The 236 Episodes

Rachel. Ross. Monica. Chandler. Phoebe. Joey. Who was the best friend of them all?

Which friend gets the throne?

Monica Geller. Rachel Green. Phoebe Buffay. Chandler Bing. Joey Tribbiani. Ross Geller. You know them. You know their quirks and their faults, you know their best qualities and their worst moments, and most importantly, you know that they’ll always be there for one another.

Friends celebrated it 25th anniversary in 2019, and this particular writer took that as another reason to watch through the entire series, identifying which member of the group is the best friend, or just straight-up the best. This is completely objective, science-based, and has absolutely no relation to my personal views on friendship.

(The “winner” of each episode gets 1 point; co-winners get 0.5 each.)

Season 1

  1. The Pilot: Rachel, for joining the real world.
  2. The One With The Sonogram At The End: Ross, for pointing out that “when you say ‘Minnie, you hear ‘Mouse.’”
  3. The One With The Thumb: Alan, for being Alan.
  4. The One With George Stephanopoulos: Phoebe, for having elbows.
  5. The One With The East German Laundry Detergent: Joey and Monica, for ripping that couple apart and keeping the pieces for themselves.
  6. The One With The Butt: Aurora, for having a husband, a boyfriend, and Chandler, and Andrew.
  7. The One With The Blackout: Chandler, for proclaiming that “gum would be PERFECTION.”
  8. The One Where Nana Dies Twice: Ross, for liking Susan Saladore in college and telling her that Chandler was seeing Bernie Spellman, who also liked her.
  9. The One Where Underdog Gets Away: Monica, for making potatoes just how everyone likes them.
  10. The One With The Monkey: Ross, for agreeing to the New Year’s Eve pact and sticking to it.
  11. The One With Mrs. Bing: Ross, for sharing a kiss with Chandler’s mom.
  12. The One With The Dozen Lasagnas: Phoebe, for telling Rachel the truth about Paolo, bringing the best oatmeal and raisin cookies in the world, and milk.
  13. The One With The Boobies: Joey, for telling his dad what he can and can’t do under his roof.
  14. The One With The Candy Hearts: Janice, for turning the tables on Chandler.
  15. The One With The Stoned Guy: Joey, for teaching Ross how to talk dirty to a girl.
  16. The One With Two Parts, Part 1: Chandler, for asking the woman he was supposed to fire out to dinner, then giving her a raise.
  17. The One With Two Parts, Part 2: Joey, for choosing Phoebe over Ursula.
  18. The One With All The Poker: Ross, for letting Rachel win just to cheer her up.
  19. The One Where The Monkey Gets Away: Rachel, for getting Marcel back (after losing him).
  20. The One With The Evil Orthodontist: Rachel, for finally moving on from Barry.
  21. The One With The Fake Monica: Monica, for learning to let loose a little.
  22. The One With The Ick Factor: Rachel, for having so many interesting dreams.
  23. The One With The Birth: Phoebe, for uniting Ross and Susan, and Joey, for helping to deliver a baby that wasn’t his.
  24. The One Where Rachel Finds Out: Chandler, for letting Rachel find out, and Monica, for championing Ross.

Monica: 3 | Rachel: 4| Phoebe: 2.5 | Ross: 5 | Chandler: 2.5 | Joey: 4

Season 1 Winner: Ross Geller

Season 2

  1. The One With Ross’ New Girlfriend: Chandler and Ross, for helping Joey realize how pants are really supposed to be measured.
  2. The One With The Breast Milk: Rachel, for giving Julie a chance, and not letting Julie manipulate her.
  3. The One Where Heckles Dies: Chandler, for learning to not break up with girls over very small things.
  4. The One With Phoebe’s Husband: Chandler, for having a third nipple.
  5. The One With Five Steaks and an Eggplant: Bob, the guy who Chandler tried to replace, but can’t live up to.
  6. The One With The Baby On The Bus: Phoebe, for continuing to play music even though she barely gets paid for it.
  7. The One Where Ross Finds Out: Rachel, for finally telling Ross.
  8. The One With The List: Ross, for breaking up with Julie and choosing Rachel.
  9. The One With Phoebe’s Dad: Monica, for opting to give presents that are more personal
  10. The One With Russ: Joey, for getting a job on TV, even though he had to sleep with someone to get it.
  11. The One With The Lesbian Wedding: Phoebe, for carrying around an old woman’s soul and letting her see everything, and Ross, for doing a good thing.
  12. The One After The Superbowl, Part 1: Phoebe, for telling children the truth through song.
  13. The One After The Superbowl, Part 2: Susie, for getting her revenge on Chandler.
  14. The One With The Prom Video: Ross, for doing that, and Rachel, for kissing Ross.
  15. The One Where Ross and Rachel…You Know: Ross and Rachel, for making it work.
  16. The One Where Joey Moves Out: Monica, for letting age be nothing but a number.
  17. The One Where Eddie Moves In: Phoebe, for getting her own music video for “Smelly Cat.”
  18. The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies: Monica and Richard, for being in love.
  19. The One Where Eddie Won’t Go: Chandler and Joey, for getting back together.
  20. The One Where Old Yeller Dies: Ben, for saying his first word.
  21. The One With The Bullies: Ross and Chandler, for (kind of) standing their ground.
  22. The One With The Two Parties: Joey, for giving Ms. Green the best party she’s been to in years.
  23. The One With The Chicken Pox: Richard, for loving Monica’s neuroses.
  24. The One With Barry and Mindy’s Wedding: Rachel, for getting through Barry and Mindy’s wedding with a bit of grace and dignity.

Monica: 2.5| Rachel: 4| Phoebe: 3.5| Ross: 3.5| Chandler: 3.5| Joey: 3

Season 2 Winner: Rachel Green

Season 3

  1. The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy: Janice, for coming up with a mature solution to help Joey not hate her, and Rachel, for indulging Ross.
  2. The One Where No One’s Ready: Phoebe, for being the only person who didn’t need to be told to get ready.
  3. The One With The Jam: Monica, for feeding Joey jam, and Phoebe, for helping her sister’s stalker.
  4. The One With The Metaphorical Tunnel: Chandler, for going through that tunnel.
  5. The One With Frank Jr.: Rachel, for giving Ross a free shot at Isabella Rossellini, and Ross, for shooting his shot.
  6. The One With The Flashback: Joey, for doing “The Naked Man” on Monica.
  7. The One With The Race Car Bed: Joey, for being a decent acting teacher.
  8. The One With The Giant Poking Device: Chandler, for handling his break-up with Janice with grace and dignity, briefly.
  9. The One With The Football: Phoebe, for scoring multiple touchdowns.
  10. The One Where Rachel Quits: Ross, for trying so hard to get the little girl whose leg he broke into space camp.
  11. The One Where Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister: Monica, for talking some sense into Ross.
  12. The One With All The Jealousy: Monica, for exposing Julio via quartet band.
  13. The One Where Monica and Richard Are Just Friends: Gunther, for putting Phoebe’s friend’s mouse back in the house.
  14. The One With Phoebe’s Ex-Partner: Chandler, for trying to move past the whole artificial leg thing.
  15. The One Where Ross and Rachel Take A Break: Monica, for being a good friend to Phoebe by going out with the diplomat’s translator.
  16. The One With The Morning After: Monica and Phoebe, for staying in the room the whole night. (Chandler and Joey don’t get points because they talked Ross out of coming clean to Rachel.)
  17. The One Without The Ski Trip: Phoebe, for being a good mediator.
  18. The One With The Hypnosis Tape: Frank and Ms. Knight, for having a fiery romance.
  19. The One With The Tiny T-Shirt: Ross, for giving Rachel back his shirt.
  20. The One With The Dollhouse: Joey, for learning what it feels like to sleep with someone and have it mean more to them than you.
  21. The One With A Chick and Duck: Ross, for skipping his first TV appearance to make sure Rachel was okay.
  22. The One With The Screamer: Joey, for letting Kate go.
  23. The One With Ross’ Thing: Phoebe, for juggling two men simultaneously.
  24. The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion: Bonnie, for not being bald and being the best.
  25. The One At The Beach: Joey, for still being into Bonnie after she shaved her head, and Phoebe, for getting everyone the beach house.

Monica: 4| Rachel: 1| Phoebe: 5.5| Ross: 4| Chandler: 3| Joey: 4.5

Season 3 Winner: Phoebe Buffay

Season 4

  1. The One With The Jellyfish: Chandler, for peeing on Monica’s foot.
  2. The One With The Cat: Monica, for doing right by the fat girl inside of her by going out with Chip Matthews and also then dumping Chip Matthews.
  3. The One With The Cuffs: Joanna, for being the boss of Chandler.
  4. The One With The Ballroom Dancing: Joey, for being a good friend to Rachel and Monica, and being an even better dance partner.
  5. The One With Joey’s New Girlfriend: Phoebe, for finding her sexy voice.
  6. The One With The Dirty Girl: Chandler, for getting Kate that book and also being a good friend to Joey.
  7. The One Where Chandler Crosses The Line: Phoebe, for genuinely supporting Ross’ unique “sound.”
  8. The One With Chandler In A Box: Chandler, for fighting for his friendship with Joey, and Joey, for letting Chandler out.
  9. The One Where They’re Going To Party!: Phoebe, for supporting Monica’s dreams.
  10. The One With The Girl From Poughkeepsie: Joey, for letting Monica fire him.
  11. The One With Phoebe’s Uterus: Ross, for ending the museum divide between the white coats and the blue blazers.
  12. The One With The Embryos: Monica, for honoring the bet and giving Chandler and Joey the apartment.
  13. The One With Rachel’s Crush: Rachel, for giving her crush two Knicks tickets.
  14. The One With Joey’s Dirty Day: Emily, for helping Ross move on.
  15. The One With All The Rugby: Janice, for not wasting a single second with her Bingaling.
  16. The One With The Fake Party: Ross, for making lots of plans for his last night with Emily, even though they didn’t get to do any of it.
  17. The One With The Free Porn: Monica, for pushing Ross to go after Emily.
  18. The One With Rachel’s New Dress: Monica, for cooking and letting Rachel take the credit.
  19. The One With All The Haste: Rachel and Monica, for finding a way to win back the apartment.
  20. The One With All The Wedding Dresses: Ross, for checking in on Rachel.
  21. The One With The Invitation: Emily, for not caring whether or not Ross invites Rachel to their wedding.
  22. The One With The Worst Best Man Ever: Ross, for not getting angry at Joey for losing the ring.
  23. The One With Ross’ Wedding, Part 1: Monica, for talking some sense into Ross.
  24. The One With Ross’ Wedding, Part 2: Phoebe, for watching over the wedding, by phone.

Monica: 5.5| Rachel: 1.5| Phoebe: 4| Ross: 4| Chandler: 2.5| Joey: 2.5

Season 4 Winner: Monica Geller

Season 5

  1. The One After Ross Says Rachel: Phoebe, for pretending to be Ross’ doctor to try to get him out of trouble.
  2. The One With All The Kissing: Chandler, for covering up his kisses with Monica by kissing Rachel and Phoebe. Twice.
  3. The One Hundredth (The One With The Triplets): Phoebe, for giving birth.
  4. The One Where Phoebe Hates PBS: Chandler, for being the best Monica has ever had.
  5. The One With The Kips: Joey, for putting two and two together and figuring out that Monica and Chandler were seeing each other.
  6. The One With The Yeti: Monica, for making Ross’ favorite dinner.
  7. The One Where Ross Moves In: Phoebe, for stopping the health inspector before he shut down Central Perk.
  8. The One With All The Thanksgivings: Chandler, for accidentally telling Monica that he loves her.
  9. The One With Ross’ Sandwich: Joey, for sacrificing his good name to keep Monica and Chandler’s secret.
  10. The One With The Inappropriate Sister: Ross and Chandler, for having their best friend’s best interest in mind.
  11. The One With All The Resolutions: Phoebe, for dreaming big.
  12. The One With Chandler’s Work Laugh: Janice, for bagging 2 out of 3.
  13. The One With Joey’s Bag: Monica, for being the best giver of bad massages.
  14. The One Where Everybody Finds Out: Chandler and Monica, for being in love.
  15. The One With The Girl Who Hits Joey: Rachel, for helping Joey break-up with the girl who hits him.
  16. The One With The Cop: Phoebe, for making that woman apologize to that tree.
  17. The One With Rachel’s Inadvertent Kiss: Chandler, for calming Monica down and being the mature, “Relationship King”, briefly.
  18. The One Where Rachel Smokes: Rachel, for not giving in and smoking a second time.
  19. The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt: Rachel, for getting the pizza delivery girl’s phone number for Ross.
  20. The One With The Ride-Along: Rachel, for wanting to tell Ross about Emily’s message, and Monica, for wanting to delete it.
  21. The One With The Ball: Chandler, for not being scared of the thought of moving in with Monica.
  22. The One With Joey’s Big Break: Monica, for making sure Rachel takes her eye drop.
  23. The One In Vegas, Part 1: Joey, for finding his identical hand twin.
  24. The One In Vegas, Part 2: Ross, for keeping Rachel happy.

Monica: 4| Rachel: 3.5| Phoebe: 5| Ross: 1.5| Chandler: 6| Joey: 3

Season 5 Winner: Chandler Bing

Season 6

  1. The One After Vegas: Monica and Chandler, for not rushing into marriage.
  2. The One Where Ross Hugs Rachel: Joey, for being devastated that Chandler’s moving out.
  3. The One With Ross’ Denial: Monica and Chandler, for working through issues like mature adults.
  4. The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance: Phoebe, for not freaking out about her psychic telling her that she was going to die by week’s end.
  5. The One With Joey’s Porsche: Rachel, for telling Ross that it was her idea for them to get married.
  6. The One On The Last Night: Monica, for making up with Rachel.
  7. The One Where Phoebe Runs: Phoebe, for running the fun way, and Chandler, for cleaning the apartment.
  8. The One With Ross’ Teeth: Ken the copy-boy, for making out with Kim and Phoebe.
  9. The One Where Ross Got High: Joey, for eating all of the plates of Rachel’s dessert, and enjoying it.
  10. The One With The Routine: Ross and Monica, for those rockin’ moves.
  11. The One With The Apothecary Table: Joey, for not giving up his friends for Janine.
  12. The One With The Joke: Phoebe, for being very secure in her own skin.
  13. The One With Rachel’s Sister: Joey, for giving away all those free scones.
  14. The One Where Chandler Can’t Cry: Joey, for not watching “Phoebe Buffay, in Buffay The Vampire Layer” (when he thought it was Phoebe).
  15. The One That Could Have Been, Part 1: Phoebe, for not taking that job at Merrill Lynch.
  16. The One That Could Have Been, Part 2: Monica and Chandler, for finding each other even in that alternate timeline.
  17. The One With Unagi/The One With The Mix Tape: Monica, for cooking Chandler anything he wants in here, and doing anything he wants in there.
  18. The One Where Ross Dates A Student: Monica, for taking care of the guests at Hotel Monica so well.
  19. The One With Joey’s Fridge: Elizabeth, for being mature, when Ross isn’t.
  20. The One With Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E.: Joey and Chandler, for their friendship.
  21. The One Where Ross Meets Elizabeth’s Dad: Ross and Elizabeth, for standing up to Elizabeth’s dad together.
  22. The One Where Paul’s The Man: Ross, for turning the tables on Paul, and Chandler, for fooling Monica.
  23. The One With The Ring: Chandler, for finding the perfect ring for Monica, and Phoebe, for helping him get it back.
  24. The One With The Proposal, Part 1: Phoebe, for helping the kids by drinking, because the more she drinks, the less there are for the kids.
  25. The One With The Proposal, Part 2: Joey, for telling Chandler about Richard before it was too late and telling Monica about Chandler’s plan before it was too late.

Monica: 5| Rachel: 1| Phoebe: 5| Ross: 1.5| Chandler: 3.5| Joey: 6.5

Season 6 Winner: Joey Tribbiani

Season 7

  1. The One With Monica’s Thunder: Chandler, for snapping Monica out of her episodes of anger.
  2. The One With Rachel’s Book: Chandler, for agreeing to spend all his savings on Monica’s dream wedding, and Monica, for realizing she doesn’t need it.
  3. The One With Phoebe’s Cookies: Chandler, for bonding with Monica’s father, on a very personal level.
  4. The One With Rachel’s Assistant: Phoebe, for seducing Tag.
  5. The One With The Engagement Photo: Ross, for conceiving the idea for the Divorced Mens Club.
  6. The One With The Nap Partners: Monica, for finding a way to not have to chose between Rachel and Phoebe.
  7. The One With Ross’ Library Book: Rachel and Phoebe, for encouraging Joey to see where things go with the girls he sleeps with.
  8. The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs: Rachel, for telling Tag how she feels.
  9. The One With All The Candy: Ross, for giving Phoebe a bicycle, and Monica, for making all that candy.
  10. The One With The Holiday Armadillo: Phoebe, for giving Joey a drum-set just to annoy Rachel.
  11. The One With All The Cheesecakes: Joey, for having a fork in his pocket.
  12. The One Where They’re Up All Night: Chandler, for giving Monica some of his best moves.
  13. The One Where Rosita Dies: Phoebe, for not letting that guy kill himself.
  14. The One Where They All Turn Thirty: Joey, for helping Phoebe check a few things off of Phoebe’s list.
  15. The One With Joey’s New Brain: Rachel, for bowing out of the competition to go out with the man whose cellphone they found.
  16. The One With The Truth About London: Joey, for saying the perfect thing to dissolve Chandler’s anger.
  17. The One With The Cheap Wedding Dress: Monica, for giving up her favorite dress for Chandler’s favorite band.
  18. The One With Joey’s Award: Chandler, for not even thinking about missing out on new firsts.
  19. The One With Ross and Monica’s Cousin: Monica, for making all those anatomy attachments for Joey.
  20. The One With Rachel’s Big Kiss: Rachel, for being a good kisser.
  21. The One With The Vows: Joey, for giving Monica and Chandler his blessing to move to a Volvo dealership.
  22. The One With Chandler’s Dad: Rachel, for getting out of that ticket.
  23. The One With Monica and Chandler’s Wedding, Part 1: Joey, for learning the mark of a good actor.
  24. The One With Monica and Chandler’s Wedding, Part 2: Ross, for getting Chandler to the wedding.

Monica: 4| Rachel: 4.5| Phoebe: 3.5| Ross: 2.5| Chandler: 4.5| Joey: 5

Season 7 Winner: Joey Tribbiani

Season 8

  1. The One After I Do: Phoebe, for helping Rachel realize how she felt about being pregnant.
  2. The One With The Red Sweater: Joey, for reacting to Phoebe, and then Rachel’s, pregnancy by proposing.
  3. The One Where Rachel Tells…: Ross, for helping Rachel see the baby.
  4. The One With The Videotape: Joey and Phoebe, for teaching Monica and Chandler about the concept of giving fake numbers and fake names.
  5. The One With Rachel’s Date: Monica, for giving that incompetent chef multiple chances.
  6. The One With The Halloween Party: Chandler, for letting Ross win.
  7. The One With The Stain: Joey, for convincing Rachel to stay.
  8. The One With The Stripper: Monica, for hiring a stripper for her husband, even though she turned out to be a hooker.
  9. The One With The Rumor: Joey, for finishing that turkey.
  10. The One With Monica’s Boots: Rachel, for helping Dina tell Joey about her pregnancy.
  11. The One With Ross’ Step Forward: Chandler, for realizing how bad his life would’ve been without Monica.
  12. The One Where Joey Dates Rachel: Joey, for taking Rachel out.
  13. The One Where Chandler Takes A Bath: Ross, for vetoing “Sandrine” as a name for their baby, and Rachel, for vetoing “Darwin.”
  14. The One With The Secret Closet: Joey, for being a good guy and suggesting Rachel move in with Ross.
  15. The One With The Birthing Video: Joey, for holding himself back from pursuing Rachel, and Ross, for telling Joey that he owes it to himself to see.
  16. The One Where Joey Tells Rachel: Ross, for learning that Joey was in love with Rachel and immediately telling Joey that he won’t get in his way with Rachel.
  17. The One With The Tea Leaves: Phoebe, for charming the heck out of every man she encounters at the dry cleaners.
  18. The One In Massapequa/The One With The Zesty Guy: Ross, for being able to give great toasts, and for giving Rachel the best hypothetical proposal.
  19. The One With Joey’s Interview: Phoebe, for providing Joey’s interviewer with the best quote about Joey, and a very exact spelling of her name.
  20. The One With The Baby Shower: Monica, for standing up for herself against Mrs. Green.
  21. The One With The Cooking Class: Katie, for being so upfront with Ross, and Ross, for so easily promising Rachel he wouldn’t date.
  22. The One Where Rachel Is Late: Rachel, for comparing herself to a ketchup bottle to Ross.
  23. The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 1: Chandler, for being ready to have a baby and freaking Monica out.
  24. The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 2: Rachel, for giving birth, and Phoebe, for pointing out to Ross that he could have everything he’s ever wanted.

Monica: 3| Rachel: 3| Phoebe: 4| Ross: 4.5| Chandler: 3| Joey: 6

Season 8 Winner: Joey Tribianni

Season 9

  1. The One Where No One Proposes: Jack Geller, for giving Monica and Chandler some tips and pamphlets. (I’m also subtracting one point from Joey, for not quickly explaining that he didn’t propose, and Rachel, for saying yes.)
  2. The One Where Emma Cries: Monica, for being the official baby crier-stopper.
  3. The One With The Pediatrician: Chandler, for encouraging Monica to take that job, even though it means he won’t be able to see her as much.
  4. The One With The Sharks: Monica, for thinking Chandler was into shark porn and wanting to be involved in it for him.
  5. The One With Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner: Joey, for being the only person on time for Phoebe’s birthday dinner, and finishing dinner for six all by himself.
  6. The One With The Male Nanny: Sandy, for being comfortable with his sensitivity, and for getting $20 from Joey for teaching him stuff with puppets.
  7. The One With Ross’ Inappropriate Song: Phoebe, for that accent.
  8. The One With Rachel’s Other Sister: Rachel, for being the bigger woman and letting Amy use her Ralph Lauren discount.
  9. The One With Rachel’s Phone Number: Joey, for watching Chandler’s back and making sure Monica wasn’t cheating.
  10. The One With Christmas In Tulsa: Chandler, for refusing to spend Christmas in Tulsa.
  11. The One Where Rachel Goes Back To Work: Rachel, for working really hard so she doesn’t lose her job.
  12. The One With Phoebe’s Rats: Phoebe, for being a good mother to her rat babies.
  13. The One Where Monica Sings: Chandler, for plucking Joey’s eyebrows.
  14. The One With The Blind Dates: Joey, for calling Chandler out about always being on the bottom.
  15. The One With The Mugging: Phoebe and Ross, for finding a connection.
  16. The One With The Boob Job: Joey, for thinking like he’s never thought before and successfully dodging Chandler’s questions.
  17. The One With The Memorial Service: Monica, for keeping Phoebe away from Mike, and then letting them kiss.
  18. The One With The Lottery: Monica, for wanting Ross to be included and offering to pay for his tickets, and Phoebe, for calling Ross “Daddy” and also pretending to be a pigeon.
  19. The One With Rachel’s Dream: Rachel, for teaching Joey the art of method acting.
  20. The One With The Soap Opera Party: Phoebe, for giving Ross a pep-talk about not being intimidated by Charlie’s history of dating Nobel Prize winners.
  21. The One With The Fertility Test: Ross, for going out of his way to help Joey impress Charlie, even though he was interested in her, and then not trying to steal her back when given the opportunity.
  22. The One With The Donor: Monica, for only wanting to have children with Chandler.
  23. The One In Barbados, Part 1: Monica and Chandler, for meddling and reuniting Phoebe with Mike.
  24. The One In Barbados, Part 2: Chandler, for taking over for Monica and beating Mike in ping pong.

Monica: 5| Rachel: 2| Phoebe: 4| Ross: 1.5| Chandler: 4.5| Joey: 3

Season 9 Winner: Monica Geller

Season 10

  1. The One After Joey and Rachel Kiss: Ross, for not letting anything happen with Charlie before talking to Joey, and then talking to Joey. (I’m also subtracting a point from both Joey and Rachel, for chickening out about talking to Ross.
  2. The One Where Ross Is Fine: Ross, for, again, not getting in the way of Joey and Rachel.
  3. The One With Ross’ Tan: Monica, for being scrappy.
  4. The One With The Cake: Rachel, for wanting Emma to have a memorable birthday party.
  5. The One Where Rachel’s Sister Babysits: Rachel, for wanting to help Amy the way Monica and everyone else helped her.
  6. The One With Ross’ Grant: Joey, for being a chameleon.
  7. The One With The Home Study: Ross, for making self-deprecating jokes about his contributions to the wedding industry.
  8. The One With The Late Thanksgiving: Monica, for hosting Thanksgiving once again.
  9. The One With The Birth Mother: Chandler, for getting Monica a baby.
  10. The One Where Chandler Gets Caught: Joey, for defending Monica’s honor when he thought Chandler was having an affair.
  11. The One Where The Stripper Cries: Phoebe, for giving the 50 year old stripper at her bachelorette party the chance for one last dance.
  12. The One With Phoebe’s Wedding: Monica, for being very organized.
  13. The One Where Joey Speaks French: Phoebe, for trying very hard to teach Joey to speak French, and Ross, for accompanying Rachel to visit her father without any expectations.
  14. The One With Princess Consuela: Phoebe, for being excited about Joey finally getting that seed out of his teeth, and getting creative with her name-change.
  15. The One Where Estelle Dies: Phoebe, for blowing Joey away with wisdom about keeping promises to friends to make phone calls one minute after they leave, and Ross, for encouraging Rachel to go to Paris.
  16. The One With Rachel’s Going Away Party: Rachel, for saying goodbye to everyone individually.
  17. The Last One: Phoebe, for driving Ross to the airport and giving Ross a chance to talk to Rachel before she got on the plane, and Rachel, for getting off that plane.

Monica: 3| Rachel: 2.5| Phoebe: 3.5| Ross: 4| Chandler: 1| Joey: 1

Season 10 Winner: Ross Geller

Total Points

Rachel Green: 27

Ross Geller: 32

Chandler Bing: 34

Joey Tribbiani: 38.5

Monica Geller: 39

Phoebe Buffay: 40.5 (That’s Phoebe spelled P as in Phoebe, H as in Hoebe, O as in Oebe, E as in Ebe, B as in Bee Bee, and E as in “Ello’ there, mate!”)

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I strive towards a career that ends up leaving me somewhere between Howard Beck and Howard Beale.

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